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5 Tips For The Ultimate Shower Experience

Posted by Jericho Skincare on Wed, Jan 06, 2016 @ 04:01 AM

Taking a shower is a daily routine that most of us do on automatic flight mode - we don’t change anything, we just do it.

It might surprise you, but your shower can be a much more pleasurable and effective than it already is. Just by making a few small changes you’ll be able to be more sustainable, have softer looking skin and feel more relaxed. Want to know how? Here it goes:

Turn down the heat – it sure is tempting to stand under hot steaming water, especially in the winter time. However hot water tend to dehydrate your skin, so turning the water’s temperature down a bit can improve your skin moisture balance and help it look fresher.


Turn you shower into a spa – on a daily basis we don’t have much time to create a spa like atmosphere, but here are two ways to promote a much more relaxing shower experience: hung down your shower head a small bouquet of fresh herbs. It could be anything you like, from basil to rosemary or lavender. When the water hit the herbs it will infuse your shower with an amazing fresh smell that will open up your senses. Change the herbs after a few days or once they start to dry out. The second easy way to make your shower a much more relaxing experience is to simply turn off the light! Let your eyes rest and your mind will follow.



Go easy on the soap – unless you are working in the outdoors, most of us shower to freshen up, not to scrub off dirt. Use a smaller amount of soap, only on key areas like armpits and private parts. You’ll be amazed in how your skin will retain its natural moisture and will feel softer. We recommend using a Salt Scrub about once a week to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Of course, if you suffer from a specific skin condition you probably need to continue using your daily soap all over your body (in case of body acne, psoriasis etc.).

Shampoo the scalp – when shampooing the hair, focus on the scalp and hair roots, and avoid the hair tips that tend to dry out and split easily. Most of the dirt and grease accumulate around the back neck and the root line, so make sure to scrub around these areas the most.

5 minutes max- a five to ten minutes shower is just as effective as a longer shower, but more beneficial to the environment as well as your skin: first, it helps you save water and second prevent skin dehydration due to excess water. So cutting on shower time may improve your skin’s moisture levels!

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