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What Are The Best Foods For Healthy Skin?

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Sun, Jan 27, 2013 @ 03:01 AM

Chocolate will not necessarily cause breakouts, but good nutrition will promise you have a healthy skin. What should you eat to have the best looking skin and what foods should you avoid?

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Valentine’s Day Dead Sea Skin Care

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Mon, Jan 21, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

Everywhere you look it's all pink and red with big hearts and candy… whether you are still looking for that special someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with you, or you already found them, this is a great day to show one special someone how much you care- you!

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Dead Sea Face Products for Winter

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 16:01 PM
It's cold and windy and your skin is getting dry and irritated? Well, with the right Dead Sea face products, you can give your skin a boost and banish away any signs of dryness, redness or flakiness.

Cold weather causes many to suffer from uncomfortable dryness of the skin, especially around the face, hands and feet. If you have dry skin type winter can be especially uncomfortable for you, and your skin might be feeling even tighter than usual. People who suffer from eczema may also suffer from an intensification of the inflammation on the skin. Entering the heated indoors after spending some time outside can also be harsh on your skin and increase dryness.

How To Prevent Dry Winter Skin?
So what can you so about it? Luckily, with the right Dead Sea face products you can save your skin from any winter cracks and enjoy a moisturized, healthy looking skin all year long. Here's Jericho list of facial products that are perfect for your winter skincare routine:
  • Nourishing Night Cream- the more you moisturize, the more your skin will keep hydrated. So it's only logical that the simplest way to prevent dry skin is to add moisture. Most of us use a day moisturizer cream (and if you are not, you should...), so add a moisturizer cream at night to keep your skin deeply nourished and well hydrated.

  • Facial Salts- what the dead sea bath salts can do for your body, Jericho facial salts can do for your face… infused with Dead Sea minerals these salts will restore your skin natural glow and help it look smother, even toned and plumped.

  • Hydrating Seaweed Cream- a good moisturizer is crucial during the winter, and this cream is one of the best! Jericho Hydrating seaweed cream contains Dead Sea minerals, Seaweed and Golden Jojoba Seed Oil to minimize loss of skin hydration. With added vitamins A, E, B5, to ensure skin nourishment. Suitable for normal to dry skin type.

  • Hydrating Seaweed Mask - Apply Jericho Hydrating Seaweed Mask to hydrate and nourish even the deepest skin cells. Thanks to its unique formula, this mask soothes signs of redness and irritations.


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3 Ultimate Dead Sea Mud Products For Fabulous Looking Skin

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

Dead Sea mud (also known as black mud) is very rich in minerals and nutrients, and that makes it one of nature's best skin treatments. When visiting the Dead Sea for the first time it might seem odd to see people walking around covered in mud from head to toe. However  the benefits of the Dead Sea mud have been known for centuries, and the Dead Sea shores were offering their natural spa services since the time of the ancient Greeks.

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