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Dead Sea Nail Buffer

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Tue, Apr 28, 2015 @ 11:04 AM

The Dead Sea has long been known for the minerals contained within, each known to contain different therapeutic value. Often, these natural minerals, whether used alone, or blended in combination with other minerals, can be used to enhance the skin and body. But there are also products within the Dead Sea that can enhance nails, giving them a pretty, shiny and healthy look.

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Jericho Dead Sea Skin Care Products Review

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Sun, Apr 19, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

Many companies say their products are good for your skin, but when it really comes down to it, after you’ve spent the money, does the product really deliver?

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Dead Sea Natural Mineral Soap

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Sun, Apr 12, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

You get tired, so why can’t your skin? After all, your skin is the outermost layer of your body, and the first line of defense in your body’s bid to stay healthy. Every day your skin is exposed to an onslaught of different factors that can weight it down, such as wind, rain, pollution, dirt, oils, chemicals, toxins and more. And while your skin is great at defending the rest of your body from this assault, what protects your skin?

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Dead Sea Body Butter

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

The word butter evokes a creamy, smooth and sweet smelling substance that your body consumes as food. But what if your body could consume it in other ways as well? Body butter is a smooth and creamy all-over body lotion made to be a multi-purpose moisturizer, hydrator and revitalizer for your entire body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

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