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Advanced Facial Treatments

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 02:06 AM

We all crave for younger, tighter looking skin, but time, stress, lack of sleep, smoking and other life style choices take their toll on our skin. So in addition to a regular skin care routine based on Dead Sea minerals, you might consider some advanced skin treatments.

dead sea facial treatments

When visiting the Dead Sea shores, you can enjoy advanced facial treatments in one of the professional spas in the area. Here are some of the most advanced skin treatments that could benefit your skin in addition to your regular mineral skin care routine:

Crystal Peeling- this peeling is done by scattering a crystal powder on the skin's surface and buffing it off using a sensitive buffer.

Enzyme Peeling- made by applying an enzyme facial mask. The mask breaks down all dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin underneath.

Acne Treatments – the strong UV rays at the Dead Sea are highly beneficial to treat skin ailments such as acne. In addition, you can combine it with special light pulses to treat your acne condition even further.

Anti-Aging  Treatments– Your vacation to the dead sea can be a great opportunity to enjoy an advanced anti-aging treatment. Anti-aging skin care routine is recommended from the age of 25, in order to slow down the signs of aging while the skin is still firm and tight. Advanced spa anti-aging treatments include Syneron treatments that restore the collagen in the skin, promoting a firm, even tone looking skin.

Oxygen Treatments – oxygen treatments are a new way to restore the skin natural glow.  The results are instant therefore it is great when foe when you are planning a special occasion and want to look your best. Oxygen treatments are usually done using a facial serum that nourishes the skin and locks the moisture in.

Visiting a specialist is great to refresh and give your skin a boost, however remember that a regular skin care routine is the key for a healthy, younger looking skin in the long run. Enjoy your vacation to the Dead Sea, and share your spa treatments on our facebook page!








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