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Dead Sea Hair Care for Vivid Hair Color

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Tue, Sep 02, 2014 @ 06:09 AM

Dyed hair needs extra protection since it is usually less shiny and the color tends to fade after a while. This is why Dead Sea hair care products are the best hair care products for color treated hair.

In order to transform to a brunette or a golden blond you'll need to color your hair and use (in most cases) harsh chemical that change your hair color to the desired tone, but also make it feel dry and rough, and weakens it over time.

Over 70 percent of women in the U.S color their hair, either to cover their grays or enhance hair color, so many of us need to keep the hair looking healthy and strong and  protect it from any coloring damages.

Using Dead Sea hair care can really improve the way your hair looks and feels, and protects it from the harsh chemicals used to dye it.

Jericho Dead Sea Hair Mask is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Jojoba oil, to strengthen hair and keep it shiny and healthy. By nourishing the scalp it rectifies hair loss caused by chemical treatments such as coloring. In addition, the Jericho Mineral Mask for Colored & Treated Hair contains natural oils that restore the natural moisture balance of your hair, improving natural glow and shine.


Recommended for more frequent use is Jericho Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo that contains moisturizing lavender oil, geranium and aloe extract that increase hair shine and strength.

dead sea hair care

Here are two basic hair care tips for color treated hair:


Stay Dry – water is bad for your colored hair, since it makes it fade much faster. Dyed hair tends to be drier than non-treated hair, and water washes away any natural oils left on as well as color molecules.  We recommend to avoid excessive rinsing in the shower and to stick to lukewarm or cooler water.


Keep it moisturized – to keep your hair looking vivid and lustrous you must keep your scalp healthy and well moisturized. Using a hair mask once a week and a nourishing shampoo should protect your scalp and keep your hair moisturized. 

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