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Mother's Day Best Gift - Share A Spa Day At Home

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Tue, May 03, 2011 @ 18:05 PM

Mother's Day is the perfect day to celebrate your mom and show her what she means to you throughout the year. So to make this Mother's Day the best she's ever had, how about sharing a spa day as a gift? Make it even more special by creating your very own spa experience, and choose all the products that suit her skin type in advance.

Create Your Spa Day Gift

When you're planning a spa day with your mom, the first decision you need to make is whether you want to have some quality time alone with your mom, or will it be more fun to have your sisters or close friends with you and make it a girl’s day in?

Now that you figured out the guest list, start working on your shopping list. First, create your spa environment. For that, you will need some aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy oils to form a soothing scent. Second, get some matching bathrobes for the two of you (add a cute touch by personalizing your mom's bath robe with a sweet catchphrase).

Cuddly slippers and pampering towels are also a great addition to your spa day gift. And last but not least, prepare some healthy snacks (yes, chocolate is considered healthy on mother's day…) and even a bottle of white wine to get you in a relaxed mood. You don't have to spend much on the atmosphere, or try to make it look like a high end spa; just get together some elements that will make her day feel special.

 Just for Mom’s Skincare

Now let's talk about the important stuff… your mother's skincare products. We recommend you choose Jericho Premium product line, a perfect match for older skin, mostly used by women over 40. For example, ericho Premium Aromatic Body Scruis a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate the look and feel of skin. Follow the scrub with Jericho Premium Moist Booster Body Butter to get velvety, glistening looking skin. Jericho Premium Facial Sauna Mask is a fun and exciting way to effectively correct the first signs of aging and give the skin a clean, healthy glow. Click here for more products and gifts ideas.

Anti Aging Mother's day

Sharing a spa day with your mom on Mother's Day is a wonderful way to have some quality time together and get a little closer with your mom. Enjoy this day and give your mom a big hug- she deserves it!


Jericho Skincare Tip: Can't spare the time to enjoy a spa day with your mom? Send her Jericho Premium Beauty Pack, along with a personal card; that's a great way to show her your love.

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