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Spring Clean Your Dead Sea Skin Care

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, Apr 04, 2012 @ 23:04 PM

Spring cleaning is a wonderful opportunity to go over your Dead Sea skincare products, de-clutter your makeup bag, clean up your tools and refresh all of your skincare products, including, off course, all of your Dead Sea skincare!


When it comes to your skincare routine, clear healthy looking skin must start with fresh Dead Sea skincare products. Just like you wouldn't eat expired food items, you shouldn't use skincare products past their expiration date.  So how would you know what to toss and what to keep using?

Spring clean


Spring Up Your Skin

Now that winter is over it is time to get rid of all those extra layers and feel lighter and refreshed.  Discover healthy, glowing looking skin this spring with these three simple steps:

Out With the Old

The first step is to go over all your Dead Sea skincare products, as well as your makeup and other skincare you use. Have you been using any product for more than a year? If so, consider tossing it away… expired cosmetic products can lose their effectiveness and might cause skin irritation. You can date new skincare items so that on your next spring skincare cleaning you'll be more confident about how long the products have been used.

In With the New

Step two is to switch from heavy winter products to lighter ones. For example, body butter is much more suitable for winter. Use a lighter body lotion to give your body the right boost of moisture during spring days.

Smile – It's Spring!

Step three is the best part of your skincare spring cleaning;  use your fresh skincare products and give yourself a facial! Read about the perfect facial massage on this blog post.

Jericho Skincare Tip- Make sure you wash your makeup brushes and sponges regularly, ideally every two weeks.



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