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How to Care for Your Skin Through Halloween?

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, Oct 17, 2012 @ 03:10 AM

Dressing up for Halloween can't be perfect without the right makeup to go along with it! Whether you're going as Lady Gaga or a Zombie you are probably going to use a lot of makeup to achieve the right affect. How is all this makeup going to affect your skin? Well, let's just say that you want to look scary on Halloween, and not the day after… putting on makeup for Halloween can cause itching, skin irritation and even breakouts. So to avoid any skin damage, here are a few tips from Jericho Skincare on how to take care of your skin and carefully remove your Halloween makeup:

  1.  No matter how crazy was the party, make sure to wash off all the makeup before going to bed. If not, the makeup might clog up the pores and lead to breakouts and irritation.
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  2. For best results, use a deep cleanser and lukewarm water. After patting your skin dry apply a Dead Sea skin toner to eliminate any makeup residues. Repeat as many times as needed until skin is completely makeup free.
  3. For especially stubborn makeup use makeup remover cloths after washing your face. If you don't have makeup removers you can also use a cotton ball and water (especially good for makeup around the eyes, just be gentle).

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  4.  Next day use a gentle Dead Sea scrub on your skin to remove any dead skin cells, like Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub or Jericho Exfoliating Facial Mask. This will ensure that the pores are clear and unclogged, and no makeup residues are left on the skin’s surface. The result is a clean, shiny and smooth looking skin.

And if you are still looking for the ultimate Halloween costume, check out these ideas on STYLEBLAZER.

Happy Halloween!

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