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3 Ultimate Dead Sea Mud Products For Fabulous Looking Skin

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

Dead Sea mud (also known as black mud) is very rich in minerals and nutrients, and that makes it one of nature's best skin treatments. When visiting the Dead Sea for the first time it might seem odd to see people walking around covered in mud from head to toe. However  the benefits of the Dead Sea mud have been known for centuries, and the Dead Sea shores were offering their natural spa services since the time of the ancient Greeks.

So Why is Dead Sea Mud so Good for Your Skin?

It's black and it smell of minerals like sulphur, but this stuff is really great for skin care, and can really transform your skin from looking dull and flaky to glowing and healthy. The mud has natural silica in it, which has the ability to dry and harden. Once it hardens on the skin it does two major things: one, all the nutrients get deeply absorbed into the skin, and second, all the residues and impurities found deep in the layers of the skin are extracted once you rinse it off.   

dead sea mud

The result? Deeply cleaned skin, recharged with nutrients and crucial minerals and vitamins. in this blog post we chose 3 of Jericho Skincare's ultimate dead sea mud products that can really make your skin look its best:

Dead Sea Mud Soap- One of our best selling products, and with good reasons.  This soap is suitable for body and face, and can really help with skin ailment such as acne of psoriasis.

Purifying Mud Mask- taking the natural quality of the black mud to another level, this facial mask will harden of your skin and extract every impurity found deep inside the dermis. It really transforms your skin and gives it a radiating glow.

Black Mud Body Wrap- Want to feel as if you were on the Dead Sea shores? This will do the trick for you! Wrap your entire body in the black mud, and discover a fresh, smooth skin once you rinse it off. Packed in a comfortable resalable box.

Want to know what is even better than these black mud skincare products? The fact that you can now order all three for only $55.99 and get free shipping in the US! Check out our store for more great products in surprising prices.


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