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Posted by Sarah Gershon on Mon, Feb 04, 2013 @ 07:02 AM

The way your hair looks can really change your whole appearance. According to one theory, men are more attracted to blond hair because it has a tendency to be fuller and thicker than other kinds of hair, thus sending a message of health and youth.

Whether this theory is true or not, strong, healthy and thick looking hair does make a difference in your appearance - we all know that a good hair day is a good YOU day… unlike what some commercials made you think, strong healthy looking hair starts at the roots in the scalp. The actual visible hair cannot be treated, only covered in materials that make it look shiny from the outside, and that doesn't make the hair any healthier.

Meet Jericho Dead Sea Hair Care Line

If you ever tried one of Jericho's products you must know how effective the Dead Sea minerals are for your skin. The same effect can transform your hair into shiny, healthy looking hair, with just a few basic products. These products are beneficial for all hair types, but are especially recommended for people who suffer from eczema and scalp psoriasis, since they have been clinically proven to treat those conditions and ease itchiness and irritation. 

dead sea hair care

So if you have an extra dry hair and would like to revive it, we recommend you try Jericho Mineral Hair Mask for Dry and Curly Hair. This hair mask is enriched with Dead Sea salt and Jojoba oil, to strengthen your hair and moisturize it, while restoring its natural shine and keeping it healthy.

For an oily scalp you might prefer the Jericho  Mud Hair Mask, which is rich in Dead Sea black mud. It's perfect for irritated scalp because it protects the scalp and strengthens the hair roots, while giving it a shiny and natural look.

For men who tend to skip shampooing we offer a unique product that combines body gel and shampoo in one! It's great for men who don't want to fuss over too many skincare products while still getting healthy, strong, shiny hair and skin. The smell is just an extra bonus!


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