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Ultimate Dead Sea Pedicure In 4 Simples Steps

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 06:03 AM

Spring is all around us, and soon enough you'll be walking around in cute sandals and flip flops. With this ultimate Dead Sea pedicure tutorial your feet will be ready for summer shoes in no time!

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer!

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The first step for refreshing rough winter skin is to remove dead skin cells. This step buffs the skin and makes it smoother to the touch. In addition it allows a fresh layer of skin to breathe easier, therefore improving the skin's health. A routine scrub for  your feet can prevent your skin from cracking and growing calluses and hardened skin. For rougher skin you may consider using a special pedicure knife, although we don't recommend using it without proper knowledge. For this step choose one of Jericho's great body scrubs like the Energizing Dead Sea Salt Scrub.

For step two you'll need a basic mani-pedi kit, like Jericho's amazing Dead Sea Nail Kit. It contains the magic buffer, a nail file and cuticle oil. Trim your nails according to the desired shape, and then buff every toe nail until it shines like a diamond. Relax the edges of the nails with cuticle oil.

Step three is all about energizing the blood flow to your feet and keeping the skin moisturized. Using a rich foot cream, rub your feet and massage them from toes to calf.

Now that your feet are relaxed and refreshed, it's time to add a personal touch. Remove any oil or cream residues from your nails and apply a double coat of your favorite nail polish. Wait two hours before putting on any shoes that might damage the polish before it completely dries.

Voila! Your feet are now smoother, softer and much more colorful! The only thing left to do it go shopping for some cute sandals!






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