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Anti Aging Skin Routine with Dead Sea Products

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Sun, Mar 24, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

The fountain of youth is maybe a myth, but the saltiest body of water on the planet is probably the best next thing to keeping a younger looking skin. The rich minerals found in the Dead Sea are a tremendous source of anti aging treatment for body and face.  Luckily, this fountain of youth has been found, researched and even bottle for your convenience. Jericho Skincare products are sustainably collected from the Dead Sea, cleared and then packed naturally according to exclusive cosmetic formulas.

Dead Sea Anti Aging

Jericho Premium products are especially formulated to fight signs of aging and to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, craw feet under the eyes and saggy skin. All our products meet the highest standards for Dead Sea products, with the required levels of genuine natural Dead Sea minerals.  

Anti Aging skincare based of minerals is clinically proven to have valuable results and a positive effect on the skin. Forming a skin care routine with quality products can help slow down the signs of time and reduce any apparent wrinkles and saggy skin. Jericho Premium offers a variety of anti aging skincare products, starting with more basic products like an active serum and a rich restoring day cream to more complex products such as the JP Marine Collagen Booster and JP Facial Sauna Mask.

Sauna mask

Off course, time will make the skin look older, but the aging process can happen more rapidly for some, and much slower for others. Excessive sun and smoking, for instance, can accelerate the skin natural aging process. Also, the older we get the dryer our skin gets. Therefore, keeping your skin constantly hydrated, from the inside and out, is very important for keeping it looking plump and tight. So a rich moisturizer is very important to your basic anti aging skincare routine.

Another reason for skin aging is lose of collagen. Collage is naturally produced by skin cells, but older skin start producing less and less of it over time, resulting in a saggy looking skin. restoring the natural balance of collagen to your skin will help you look much younger and promote tighter looking skin.


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