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How to Start a New Skin Care Routine

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, May 01, 2013 @ 09:05 AM

The season is changing and this is the perfect time to refresh your skin care routine. Starting a new skincare routine can be tricky, so for it to be a successful routine you should ask questions like how much to use at start, and when? How long should you stick with a new routine to give the skin a chance to catch up? How to adjust if the skin gets too dry or too oily?

Spring and summer are a great time to put on less make-up and allow the skin to breathe more. in addition, Dead Sea skincare products  with natural minerals offer better care of your skin and can nourish the skin's deeper layers.

dead sea skincare routine

Basically, a new skincare routine should be given at least two weeks before determining if it is effective or not. Sometimes new products can cause your skin to react differently, for instance producing more breakouts or drying out. Sometimes it is due to moisture balance changes, and other times it is caused by all the impurities surfacing up.  Since it can take a few weeks for all the dirt to clear away, it might take some time to see the real benefits to your skin.

Of course, if an allergic reaction appears, like swelling, eczema or an unusual reaction like burns you should stop using the products right away. However, if after two weeks your skin still hasn’t settled in, try the new products in different quantities and frequencies for another two weeks to be absolutely sure the products are right for you.

Regarding quantities, start by following package directions.  A good skincare regimen will consist of an am/pm use, meaning applying morning and evening, on a daily basis. But in addition to product direction, also consider your skin type and skin needs.

Start Your Jericho Skin Routine

A basic skincare routine for summer consists of a few basic steps:

Wash every morning with Jericho Cleanser

Follow with Jericho Day Cream (for normal skin) or hydrating seaweed cram (for dry skin).

Apply JP eye and neck gel.

Repeat at night with night cream.

Once to twice a week deep cleans your face with JP active mud mask

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