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How To Choose a Facial Mask According to Skin Type

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, Aug 12, 2015 @ 08:08 AM

Facial masks have become an essential part of our beauty routine, but many are still having trouble deciding which facial mask is the right one. So in this post, here's the complete guide that will help you choose the right mask to match your skin type.


No need to pay extra for pampering spa-like beauty treatments, facial masks are a treat you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Yet in order to maximizes the results of facial mask, it's important to choose the right mask for your skin type.  Thanks to the right mask you will reveal a glowing, tighter and smoother looking skin, in just a few minutes of treatment.


Facial mask for oily skin type – if you have oily skin you probably have a shiny, acne-prone looking skin. Therefore it's important you choose a deep cleansing mask that will unclog pores and reduce the production of sebum.  Dead Sea mud masks are especially beneficial for oily skin type since the black mud extracts toxins and removes dead skin cells and is also recommended to treat acne and breakouts.


Facial mask for dry skin type – dry skin often feels too tight, stiff, and tingly. It needs deep nourishing ingredients and hydrating elements like seaweed. Seaweed masks are highly recommended for dry skin due to their deep moisturizing power.


Facial mask for normal skin type – normal skin type is actually a mixed skin type, usually consists of dry and oily skin on different parts of the face area. The T area tends to be more oily and the cheeks tend to be dry.  Normal skin type also needs a lot of moisture, but sometimes it can benefit from a deep cleaning mask. So for this skin type it's best to mix mud masks with nourishing masks and alternate according to the season and the skin's look and feel.



Now that you've established the best mask for your skin type, here are some useful tips:


  • Use a facial peeling soap before applying the mask, to prepare the skin and improve the mask's effect.
  • Try different masks and combine according to your needs – a tightening mask before an important event, a cleansing mask on a weekly basis and a nourishing mask every 2-3 days.
  • You are never too young to start using facial masks. Teenagers can benefit from mud masks to help treat acne.
  • Keep facial masks in your makeup counter, not in the bathroom, the refrigerator or any other place that sway in temperature.




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