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Say goodbye to Bad Hair Days Thanks to Jericho Dead Sea Hair Care!

Posted by Jericho Skincare on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 16:05 PM

The Dead Sea minerals are extremely beneficial for your skin, but did you know your hair can benefits from these vital minerals as well?

Healthy hair is shiny, strong and soft to the touch. But how can you help your hair to look and feel healthy? The secret is to take good care of your scalp. The roots of your hair is where it all starts. Therefore, irritated, dry or oily scalp causes the hair to look dull, with no volume and to form broken tips.




If you want your hair to look it’s best we recommend adding Dead Sea hair care products that will infuse your scalp with the vital minerals from the Dead Sea and insure your hair is looking its best. Jericho Dead Sea Hair Care products contain Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt that are clinically proven to assist with skin ailment such as Psoriasis, Acne and Dermatitis.

Jericho Black Mud Shampoo is specifically formulated for oily and irritated scalp, containing Lavender, vitamin E and avocado oils to moisturize and condition the hair. This unique combination promotes healthy secretions of the sebaceous glands, preventing the weakening of hair follicles and formation of scalp acne.




Jericho Mineral Shampoo contains moisturizing lavender oil, geranium and aloe extract that give hair intense shine and considerable strength. High concentrations of Dead Sea mud and salt stimulate root cells, leaving you with beautiful, healthy looking hair.

The Jericho Balsam conditioner is formulated to address overall hair care and moisturize the hair with all-natural extracts and oils. The result is hair with an incredible feel, flexibility, and the strength, perfect for styling the way you want.

Once a week we recommend using the Jericho Mud hair Mask, great for oily and irritated scalp. This hair mask is rich in Dead Sea black mud, treats and restores the hair due to hair coloring, perms, bleaches and other chemical processes. The mask protects the scalp and strengthens the hair roots, while giving it a shiny and natural look.





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