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How Does Collagen Reduce Wrinkles?

Posted by Sarah Gershon on Wed, May 25, 2011 @ 14:05 PM

We all wish we could have smooth youthful looking skin, free of wrinkles. Although wrinkles cannot be avoided completely, there are some things we can do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and we don't mean expensive dangerous procedures like Botox or plastic surgery. Rather, we suggest something much more natural, that our body already produces by itself… collagen.

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Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

Posted by Yaniv Zigron on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 @ 18:04 PM

Having those fine lines or under eye wrinkles can really bring your look down, and make you seem tired and droopy. Getting rid of under eye wrinkles have become the priority of many women (and men) in their skin care routine. The question is what the best eye wrinkle reduction treatment is, and how to finally get rid of those lines under your eyes?

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