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Winter Skin Care Routine

Posted by Jericho Skincare on Mon, Dec 07, 2015 @ 06:12 AM

It’s mostly sunny and hot around the Dead Sea area, but here the temperatures are defiantly dropping and the air is getting chilly. How does the cold weather affect your skin? If you have dry or sensitive skin type you will probably be more affected by the changing atmosphere, but even for normal to oily skin type, the dry air causes a tingly, flaky and dry sensation.

In order to keep you skin hydrated, flex and soft even during the winter, here’s our ultimate skin care routine with all the skin products you need this winter:

Active Serum – nourish your skin with all the vital minerals from the Dead Sea. Jericho Active Serum is based on a unique formula that includes Dead Sea minerals, honey, plant extracts and vitamins. This Serum reaches deep into your skin to rejuvenate, purify the skin and remove dead skin cells.


JP Facial Sauna Mask- apply once a week or twice of you have dry skin type. This mask contain self-heating properties that help to open pores and extract impurities. It effectively corrects the first signs of aging and gives your skin a clean, healthy glow. This mask is composed of a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts and is enriched with antioxidant Vitamins C, E, & A (Dunaliella Seaweed) for well hydrated skin.


Jericho Premium Hydrating Seaweed Cream- Deeply hydrate your skin with the power of seaweed, combined with Dead Sea minerals and added vitamins. Also containing Golden Jojoba seed oil to reduce water loss from the skin cells, Jericho Hydrating Seaweed Cream enables the skin to retain its moisture longer. Vitamins A, E and B5 are better absorbed due to the essential fatty acids in the cream. The result is a moisturized, radiant and soft looking skin.


And for the bodyJP Renewal Kit-  Containing the JP Moist Booster Body Butter and JP Body Scrub, combined to offer a pampering home spa treatment for smoother, softer skin all over.


Dead Sea Hand Cream - Jericho Dead Sea Hand cream contains an abundance of rich minerals from the Dead Sea that will quickly breathe new life to your dry hands and add moisture, leaving nothing but a silky, smooth and soft skin without any oiliness or greasy feeling that other hand creams leave behind.

In addition to hydrating skin care products don’t forget to keep drinking water all day long, to keep your skin hydrated from within. Even in the winter it’s important to drink lots of water (not juice or sodas) when staying indoors. Remember that heaters and warm clothing can increase dehydration.

Stay warm!

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